Game approach

Positive when randomly putting together a different poem using every 3rd word from the original poem. Response towards the random choices for the characters looks was humorous and calm. More comfortable after already doing primary roughs. Mixed media on newspaper strips could work well and having bright coloured characters clash with depressing typography will make this fun to work with. I felt comfortable and calm when painting the characters but indecision about if I should use one tone of colour or different shades for areas that are usually dark.



I was surprised at the timing of it but comfortable and ok with it. I struggled at making decisions but I am now content with the path. I was desperate to change the direction of the experiment rather than carry on with a method that I am used to. I feel happy with the idea of altering the poem into something completely different. I have gone for a game approach to the illustration where I write down random lists for each of the key points such as the media, the colours and sizes of the characters, and what surface I will present it on. To help with the decision making I will simply roll a dice and pick whatever number it matches up to on the lists. I was satisfied with the choices put down for the lists although I struggled to finish off a few lists. I was uncomfortable when putting down one or two choices at the end of certain lists and contemplating whether or not to do a gender list. Slightly positive after the tutorial as I sort of know whats going to happen now.

Character Designs

Designing each of the main characters provided different responses to them. For the birds I wasn’t sure what mood the faces should show and I also felt indecision about how they look. I was positive when designing this type of character as I used to drawing the shapes and features of birds. I felt comfortable and calm, but I also had this desperation for humour to be included somewhere. I was unsure about what type of fish it should be as it doesn’t clearly say in the poem. My response was calm, happy and relaxed with the designs. Confident as well knowing that the fish would be viewed as a male with class. The mice had a more negative effect on me. I felt indecision and unsure, comfortable knowing what features a mouse has but uncomfortable at how exact the features have to look. I was frustrated with the media not working and falling all over the place in my work surroundings, and contemplating whether the mice should be male or female. I felt satisfied with the designs. The grasshoppers proved confusing as I didn’t know how they exactly looked, frustrated at the designs not coming together, unsure with the choice of media, annoyed and then angry at the media still not staying in one place when not being used. There was relief getting the minimum amount of designs but I was unsatisfied at the way they turned out, which made me feel uncomfortable.

Set Project 1

For the first of my set projects I have chosen the nonsense poem ‘Calico Pie’ by Edward Lear. I found difficulty finding a poem that fits in with a picture book before finding this. My emotions went from frustration at not finding one that works, calm when I found a few, then indecision at not being able to pick one and confusion at what some of the words meant in the poems. I finally felt comfortable when I found the right poem.

What I usually do before designing the characters and scenery is divide the poem into 12 sections as picture books usually last at least 12 double page spreads.

Delving into the characters proved frustrating for me as they don’t give away much info. The birds are good at singing and stay together. The fish wears a hat under the sea, although in reality the hat would just float away and he/she would realise what a waste of money it was. The mice are fond of tea and end up dancing in the cup after drinking it all, which sort of resembles a night out for some people. The grasshoppers hop most of the time with other insects but could be competitive and appear smug when winning all the time. What they all have in common is bugger off at the end of their sections. Starts off positive and bright before becoming bleak and depressing. Could make the readers think where they all disappeared to? Sort of has that element of surprise.

What I aim to do is spend between 30-45 minutes for each of the character designs and see what emotions I conjure up when working on them.


Was patient, slightly annoyed at it running late but used to these things. The outcome wasn’t clear at the start as I was unsure where to go. I went into more detail about past work where I felt positive. I am relaxed there’s some sort of plan in place now but confused as how to present the work. However I am satisfied with the strategy changing each week. I was puzzled about the final outcome of the project although it was good to have the tutorial to get a clearer understanding.

My plan for the remaining weeks is to spend 8 hours a week working on the project (4 hours within lecture, 4 hours at home.)

Statement of Intent

The main objective is looking at my emotional responses to set tasks and verbal dialogues. I will be changing strategy each week to get a broad field of experimental work. My personal task will be working in children’s book illustration and designing characters and storyboard for an already existing nonsense poem, nursery rhyme or story. I enjoy working with this type of illustration but I am conflicted as I am not fond of children I am creating the work for. The following week a project will be set for me following similar guidelines. The tasks set afterwards will offer something different. This will make the outcome of the project unknown, which will make it more interesting.


At this point I am going to reflect on how I have coped with the module. I am still a little confused how to go about work yet I have stayed calm and positive. I have felt comfortable doing the work, however I still have indecision about what I am exactly doing for the project. I am assured though that there is support and advice on offer when needed.

Communication through verbal, written and visual varies for me.

  • Verbal I cope okay, but I struggle with some phrases and confused by what they mean. I also feel uncomfortable if information or a question is not given specifically. If the language is simple, I become more calm and slightly happy.
  • Written depends how the text is done. I struggle to understand sentences and I need to break it down more when questions are confusing. I am comfortable when I see the text but unsure how to respond to it. Plus I become anxious if what I have written isn’t correct.
  • Visual is where I am most comfortable as I understand images more. I am calm, relaxed and more positive how the work is supposed to look.