Surface and background

After my last attempt at creating an illustration for a picture book proved frustrating and a forgetful moment for me, I went back to the drawing board and came up with more lists for my decision making. These ranged from the shape and size of the typography to the background colour scheme. Again found this task a relief and felt comfortable doing something where the burden of making a decision is lifted off me. The acrylic paint for the background syncs in well with the characters in the foreground. Dealing with the typography was frustrating and confusing at times despite using photoshop pretty much every day. The text size could be increased but for some reason came in mm instead of pt. Rotating the lines around the illustration annoyed me a bit as the move tool would just resize the layer instead of rotating a few angles. I thought that the presentation on newspaper would make it more appealing. My view might have changed after seeing a rough copy. The black typography stands out but the advertisements are a distraction in a few areas. I am disappointed, confused and annoyed but in the end relieved and satisfied that I have managed to print onto newspaper after having problems beforehand sticking it to a4 card. The illustration appears better presented on paper, however I am annoyed at how the printer just cuts off the last word at the bottom of the sheet even though I wanted select to fit in the option box.I’ve set myself a target of producing at least 2 pieces of illustrations for this project and I think this is achievable. If they are done to a good enough standard, they might be included in the final show.My emotions range from excitement at the potential I could achieve with these works to relief at not having to deal with unreliable equipment anymore.


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