Update on Calico work

Moving on from the character designs I have now started coming up with roughs for the pages. As I chose to use Illustrations from books as backgrounds I set out finding illustrators work via a dice. Some works that came up included Sara Fanelli, whose work I don’t really like, Gary Taxali and Rinzen. I didn’t intend to use all their illustrations, just one or two. At one point I was annoyed and frustrated after loosing the dice, which I needed to make the decisions for me. This lost me crucial time as at the time I was balancing work from this project with another. I felt relieved when I did find it and I was much calmer. I had indecision whether I should actually use these illustrators work as background for my own work as it could show me in bad light. I relaxed though after realising Tom Phillips used the same format when drawing over someone else’s book and selling it as his work. The images were scanned from one of  the books I already own: Hand to Eye Contemporary Illustration (Hyland,A /Bell, R 2003).

The text for my random poem was going to be depressing. I was looking around photoshop and other font sites but they didn’t have the font I required. Doing the text myself made me annoyed but at the same time satisfied that I am making the typography how I want it.

Drawing and painting the mice out again was not much of a problem as there was little change to the design. Then I felt a range of emotions after the newspaper I was using to paint on ripped through my design. I became upset, frustrated, annoyed, angry and felt things were not going my way. Basically I flipped out. I became this way because of the timing the work was done and that I still needed to get work done for my Independent Study, which put me under a lot of pressure.  Eventually I got around to finishing my rough off once I calmed down and understood what I still needed to do before the end of this module. This part of the project has seen me with mixed emotions. Relief at getting further with the work but confused by how much work I still need to do to get to a satisfactory amount of work. Has this stage of the project gone well? No. Will it get better? Possibly.


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