I was surprised at the timing of it but comfortable and ok with it. I struggled at making decisions but I am now content with the path. I was desperate to change the direction of the experiment rather than carry on with a method that I am used to. I feel happy with the idea of altering the poem into something completely different. I have gone for a game approach to the illustration where I write down random lists for each of the key points such as the media, the colours and sizes of the characters, and what surface I will present it on. To help with the decision making I will simply roll a dice and pick whatever number it matches up to on the lists. I was satisfied with the choices put down for the lists although I struggled to finish off a few lists. I was uncomfortable when putting down one or two choices at the end of certain lists and contemplating whether or not to do a gender list. Slightly positive after the tutorial as I sort of know whats going to happen now.


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