Character Designs

Designing each of the main characters provided different responses to them. For the birds I wasn’t sure what mood the faces should show and I also felt indecision about how they look. I was positive when designing this type of character as I used to drawing the shapes and features of birds. I felt comfortable and calm, but I also had this desperation for humour to be included somewhere. I was unsure about what type of fish it should be as it doesn’t clearly say in the poem. My response was calm, happy and relaxed with the designs. Confident as well knowing that the fish would be viewed as a male with class. The mice had a more negative effect on me. I felt indecision and unsure, comfortable knowing what features a mouse has but uncomfortable at how exact the features have to look. I was frustrated with the media not working and falling all over the place in my work surroundings, and contemplating whether the mice should be male or female. I felt satisfied with the designs. The grasshoppers proved confusing as I didn’t know how they exactly looked, frustrated at the designs not coming together, unsure with the choice of media, annoyed and then angry at the media still not staying in one place when not being used. There was relief getting the minimum amount of designs but I was unsatisfied at the way they turned out, which made me feel uncomfortable.


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