Own Project v Set Project

Before reviewing how I would react to both projects I listed my response to the arrival of the e-mail. I was relieved it had arrived but also annoyed by the timing I got it. After reading the descriptive part I felt less confused about what I have to do now but anxious because I wasn’t sure which route the project will take. For each task I have decided to do a scale of emotions, 1 for how I am feeling most to 6+ to how I am least feeling. I felt more anxious than calm but also mixed with relief.

If the project was set by myself I would become anxious, frustrated, confused, unsure but I would feel relief once I got to a certain point. If a project was set for me I would feel more relaxed and comfortable, but also frustration if things are not done properly.

Listing all the emotions I go through when dealing with work or verbal dialogue would be a good start to understand how I react.


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