At this point I am going to reflect on how I have coped with the module. I am still a little confused how to go about work yet I have stayed calm and positive. I have felt comfortable doing the work, however I still have indecision about what I am exactly doing for the project. I am assured though that there is support and advice on offer when needed.

Communication through verbal, written and visual varies for me.

  • Verbal I cope okay, but I struggle with some phrases and confused by what they mean. I also feel uncomfortable if information or a question is not given specifically. If the language is simple, I become more calm and slightly happy.
  • Written depends how the text is done. I struggle to understand sentences and I need to break it down more when questions are confusing. I am comfortable when I see the text but unsure how to respond to it. Plus I become anxious if what I have written isn’t correct.
  • Visual is where I am most comfortable as I understand images more. I am calm, relaxed and more positive how the work is supposed to look.

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