Experimental Project

I’ve managed to come to some sort of idea for my project. The work will be focusing on my learning disability and how I react to tasks or sentences. I’ll by aiming to produce work whether it be written, verbal or visual. This will then allow viewers to look at how I communicate.

For each task given I will do an emotional scale rating how I respond to the work. To start off with I will be deciding whether to set my own project brief or have one set for me. Creating my own brief is challenging and separates my work from others but it does take time to come up with one. I guess I would feel a little positive to start off with before becoming anxious if can come up with a plan, then uncomfortable at how to go about it before becoming confused and frustrated as to what exactly I can and can’t do in with the project. Having a brief prepared would make me slightly relaxed but still feel the need to ask more questions as to what specifically needs to be done. I usually have a tendency to having opposite views on my work. If I feel I’ve done enough I would get criticised for it. If I think the work isn’t done right or up to standard I would then find out it was good enough. This situation makes me frustrated, confused, relieved, devastated and angry.


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