Experimental Influences

Still working around my project for this module but struggling to find influences. A task set a few sessions back was to look for experimental references or influences from any field of digital art. I came across a few that I feel are experimental but may have been done before in some other form.

Richard Swarbrick’s profession may be multi media but his range of animation is strong  and fascinating to view. I’ve chosen this clip El Clasico [2011] as he’s able to merge live action film with paint strokes around the key areas and I really admire it as I’m passionate myself about football. From my view its unique but my have already been done.

The film Dots [1948] by Norman Mclaren is clever and unusual as it has been created by painting the animation and inserting his own produced soundtrack into each panel by hand. The dots show the flow of the sound through patterns across the screen.

Experimental illustration is a large amount of work with very few dominant pieces coming out of it. Istvan Banyai’s work though is thought out well as the illustrations in his book the other side (2005) play around with people’s perceptions when viewing the same illustration on both sides of the pages. I have already looked at him before although I don’t think using him again as a reference for experimental work would affect my journey in this module.


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