Session 4

Found this session confusing in parts. Didn’t really get much out of the XP Media site, which details courses for those that is academically higher than the courses on offer in Britain. Only looked at ones that may be of interest. The mechatronic art course is about increasing vocabulary of electrical devices and software engineering, whilst the research studio is reviewing and analysing techniques within digital media.

I reviewed the links on experimental art and sounds within art. From what I found innovation is found everywhere and makes use of techniques not seen before. If a new idea is unusual at the time it can be a success, however if overused it can become tiring.

Experimental art is where you try to create something different and unusual from other works that may be dominant at the time. The work might have expanded on older or unpopular works where a few adjustments were made or been influenced by ideas which are not well known. The problem though is the work being created today may not be experimental anymore. A style of work in someones piece may already have been used years ago but isn’t well known. I still think experimental art can be achieved today if its personal and unique.

Some parts of the sounds in art link was interesting although it may be irrelevant to influencing my work. One section about moving sound from a confined space where you would normally find it to a larger or unlimited space means it would lose its personality.

The works I have seen on the links hasn’t really influenced me. All towards film and sound without a hint of illustration really. As an illustration student, experimenting with work is nothing new as I continuously do it when I alter my style and use of media for different tasks.


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