Session 2

Reviewing experimental illustration proved a little difficult as there are not many key points that stand out. Despite this there were some interesting notes.

  • This form of illustration can be unlimited and expressive as you like.
  • It can combine hand crafted drawings with digital elements.
  • Certain styles become demanding in the public eye before becoming dull and boring when overused.
  • More illustrators are turning to traditional methods. Among them pen, pencil, oils, embroidery, etc.
  • Can make illustrations within books really unique when experimenting with the format.

I understood parts of the John Maeda video ‘Simplicity Patterns’ where starting with simple things can combine to create masterpieces such as the scanned images of french fries repeated to create a field of amber waves.

I really enjoyed doing the short assignment of experimenting with narrative. Our group decided to do 3 different things which would link together. The first was a short story where each of us did a sentence at a time without knowing what had been written before. We followed along the same lines when designing the character. It resulted in what can be described as a deformed demonic man called bench having a discussion with a genie. To link them together we did a mind map of factors important to the story such as time, place, actions and mood. I just found the task humorous and enjoyable to do as none of us would know the outcome so it had that element of surprise.


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